Monday, December 14, 2009

"Method 12"

My favorite discovery was of the bookmarking website Delicious. Having this bookmarking account has helped me tremendously! It has saved me time and confusion! I have websites on there for both professional and personal uses. This whole learning experience has given me the knowledge to feel more secure in adding to our library resources and in assisting patrons in gaining information. The only part that I had trouble on and did not like was trying to access one of the articles in the 1st method.
I would love to explore more web based aspects. I wish this course covered MORE!
I did like the way the course was set up for self-paced self-discovery. If there were more "training" topics set up in this manner, I would definitely work through them!

"Method 11"

Podcasts are a great alternative to reading. I wish they were as easy to access as readable information. It is convenient because of the mobility of it, just depending where you download it. With any download I tend to stop and steer clear, especially with my work computer. Any downloads need approval from a supervisor or city IT tech. That's a big pain so I don't do it. If our library and was more technology savvy, we could do podcasts for our patrons. Well, in that case our patrons need to be more technology savvy as well for it to be utilized to its fullest. It is not something our library will be doing immediately.

"Method 10"

I have never used a wiki before. I have had thoughts on how I wish there was one central place that people can add information to and well, there it is! With a little more exploration I'm sure that I can find exactly what I'm looking for! This is great not only for my personal use but for me professionally and for the library. I can use a wiki to get and share ideas on programs and books and LOTS of other subjects. I could use a wiki for website links to various subjects for our patrons such as holiday crafts, songs, activities, and others. This would be good because anyone can add to it versus items being posted on a website with only 1 other staff member being able to make changes or add to the site. Book lists would be great as well along with book series titles and corresponding "if you like this series try this.....". So many doors for information gathering and exchange are possible!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Method 9"

I have done chats before on various sites; myspace, facebook, and yahoo. Instant messaging is so much faster than e-mailing and waiting for a reply. It is simple as well! You just click a button and start typing instead of entering an e-mail address, typing the text, and pushing send, etc, etc, etc! I wish everyone had instant messaging or chat options because it would make life easier. There are some businesses that I frequent that I wish had a chat option! It would be alot better than having to call. As far as chat for the library, I can see it being a great aspect for a large library with an abundance of staff, but not for our library with a small staff at this time. It would take very creative time management and dedication.

Monday, November 30, 2009

"Method 8"

I do currently have a personal facebook account and a personal myspace account. I do not use either for work/professional purposes. I have yet to dive in to the use of these for work. If I did need them for work purposes, I think I would create separate accounts. Once I created my accounts, I had contact with people who I had not seen or spoken to in 3 to 10 years! We had lost contact and this was the way it was reconnected. So in general, I think they are beneficial. My work does have a facebook account that I have access to and can make posts and such. That is the only thing that I foresee us having due to the fact of social networking sites being very time consuming and we have a very small staff!

Monday, November 16, 2009

"Method 7"

Wow! I have been wanting this type of thing! I visit a lot of websites to get ideas. I end up book marking them or writing them on paper with a key word so I can access the website at a later date. I usually end up losing all those pieces of paper! And I never have them when I need them because I have left them at work in my desk and I'm at home. This will be so much easier to manage my websites!
This is also great for libraries as well. I tend to get tired of googling topics and going through websites to see which ones provide the exact information I'm looking for. I would love for someone else to have already done the work and I can go through their sites or other popular sites. This would be great for our library patrons as well. I would love to have this or an account accessible through our website to make it not only easier for patrons to view related websites that provide the information they are seeking, but also to get them to explore OUR library website! Speaking of I have a meeting with the library website webmaster this week to show me how to "do" the website myself! YAY!

Monday, November 9, 2009

"Method 6"

I chose this video because it's the lovable cookie monster! And because it is set in the library and tells about the library through a modeling example. The trouble with youtube is that I like it too much! I could waste an entire day sitting watching videos and related videos as well! I like how you can search for a specific topic and even have related videos pop up!
I think that a youtube video would be a very attention catching way to promote the library, its groups, and events. We are in the very early stages of forming a teen advisory board for our library (heading towards our 3rd meeting actually). This would be a great project for them especially over the holiday school breaks!